SERÁ is a Karachi-based boutique architecture, interior and furniture design studio led by Seher Aziz. 



We are animated by the desire to create beautiful, meaningful spaces - buildings and objects that
function as intelligently as they appear elegant. If God is in the details, then we are deeply religious.
We are drawn to and curious about design investigations that allow us to question what we think,
feel, see and "know" to be true. 

Every project starts with a conversation, the formulation of a concept, an idea. Often we know first what something should feel like, what it should do, and the associations we are trying to invoke. Touched by nostalgia, we create spaces more from memory, not purely in their form but in their ethos. We are interested in the passage of time, as expressed in materials both natural and man-made, design that
forms the backdrop against which the drama of Life may unfold.


We believe strongly in the process of collaboration. Rome wasn't build in a day, nor by one person.
As architects, planners, designers and thinkers we are open to dialogue that reaches beyond our parameters and embraces other disciplines. Meet a few of our usual suspects here:

Architecture, Environments and LEED Design:
Subtractive  www.subtractive.pk 

Graphic designer and Branding genius:
Mumtaz Mustafa   www.mumtazmustafadesign.com

Mural artist and Creative consultant: 
Naveen Shakil   www.naveenshakil.com

God is in the details
— mies van der rohe